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Onmyouji Tamatebako, by Okano Reiko

Onmyouji, by Okano ReikoOnmyouji Tamatebako, by Okano Reiko / YUMEMAKURA Baku

(This is the new Sequel to the original Onmyouji series)

AKA: (Story of Abe no Seimei / The Yin-Yang Master) – Manga O



This series is based on the Onmyouji novels by well known Japanese writer Yumemakura Baku.

It concerns the adventures of Abe no Seimei, an Onmyouji (magician) serving the imperial court during the Heian period and his friend nobleman Minamoto no Hiromasa. Both men are historical figures who appear in various sets of tales from the period. Many of the early chapters of the manga closely follow stories in the Konjaku Monogatari or Uji Shui Monogatari.

Genres: Historical, Seinen, Shoujo, Supernatural



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