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Whizz, (SLPS-00939)


Whizz, (SLPS-00939)

Whizz, (SLPS-00939)

PlayStation Games – W




Whizz was an Amiga and PC game created by Flair and ported in 1997 to the PlayStation and Saturn in Europe and Japan. Also called ‘Akupyon Game Whizz’ in Japan. Whizz is one of the few 3D platformers to use an isometric viewpoint. The controls reflect this, with moving the controller to the right actually moving the character down and right, moving it down and right moving the character down directly, and so on.

Whizz-01dEach level is played out against a time limit, and the paths through the level aren’t always clear-cut. There are four different types of doors, each of which needs a particular icon to pass (the icons represent the door type, such as ice or bricks, rather than hot water or a key, or anything you’d logically expect to clear the path). You can avoid the baddies, which may be the best option, as killing them costs you some energy this reduces the significance of the points system. Take control in this unique isometric 3D platform game as you race against the clock to find your way to reach the level goal.

This game is about a race between Whizz, a bunny with a hot air balloon, and a rat with a zeppelin. Even though the game doesn’t really show the rat often, the first intro cut scene shows that the rat is cheating by shooting Whizz down with his shotgun. Now Whizz must search throughout the land for another hot air balloon.

Whizz has a mushroom as a health bar, collects flags and gems for points, and gains an extra life after getting 10,000 points. He fights with a spinning attack which can kill some of the enemies and transform them into mushrooms that can add some health to the mushroom health bar.
Unfortunately, to perform such a spinning attack he uses Continue reading ‘Whizz, (SLPS-00939)’ »

V-Rally 2 – Championship Edition, (SLPS-02516)


V-Rally 2, SLPS-02516, Championship Edition

V-Rally 2, SLPS-02516 (Original) Championship Edition
V-Rally 2, SLPS-91467 (PSOne Books)

PlayStation Games – V



V-Rally 2 is a game based on the world of rally racing. Here precision-driving skill is most important. In each car there are two people, a driver and a navigator. There are 84 races to compete in with tracks all across the world. If that’s not enough for you, create your own tracks with the all-new Track Editor.

V-Rally 2 features 16 different cars, ranging from Toyota’s to Mitsubishi’s and everything in between.

vrally-02cIn the Arcade mode, four competitors compete in a race against the clock. The V-Rally Trophy mode consists of three different track groups (Euro Trophy, World Trophy, and Expert Trophy) and you must attempt to collect all of the shiny pieces of metal. Championship mode is where eight competitors battle to win the title of European Champion, World Champion, or Expert. Each driver faces the clock and then the top six drivers earn points. At the end of the final round, the racer with the most points wins the championship.

V-Rally 2 features four-player split-screen action, so you and your friends can have a blast trying to top each others times. Damage can also be done to your car, so watch out for some vengeance-seeking friends.

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V-Rally 1 – Championship Edition, (SLPS-01149)


V-Rally 1, SLPS-01149, Championship Edition

V-Rally 1, SLPS-01149 (Original) Championship Edition
V-Rally 1, SLPS-91099 (Playstation the Best)
V-Rally 1, SLPS-91430 (PSOne Books)

PlayStation Games – V



V-Rally ’97 features 11 licensed rally vehicles and over 40 tracks with variable weather, terrain, and time of day. Freely adjust such parameters as suspension, gear ratios, and steering before competing in the following three play modes: Arcade, Championship, and Time Trial. Arcade has you advancing through multiple competitions grouped by difficulty, each consisting of four stages. Championship is an eight-race tournament that involves earning points for every top-three finish, while Time Trial lets you compete against the clock or another vehicle.

vrally-01bV-Rally also includes head-to-head racing via split-screen display, adjustable difficulty settings, and multiple camera views. A memory card is required to save progress and controller configurations.

Choose from 11 authentic rally vehicles for competition on over 40 tracks
Includes three play modes: Arcade, Championship, and Time Trial
Challenge a friend via split-screen display

Manufacturer’s description:
Official cars from 1997 WRC season.
Multi-player mode.
Varied weather and terrain conditions.
Real time 3D imaging and Dolby Surround Sound.
2 Tracks – the largest number ever.
Totally realistic rally road handling.
Real engine sound and radio communication with professional co-drivers.

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Speed King, (SLPM-86013)


Speed King, (SLPM-86013)

Speed King, (SLPM-86013)

PlayStation Games – S



Speed King (known as Road Rage outside Japan) is a 3D futuristic racing game similar to the Wipeout games that takes place in Neo Kobe the city of the game Snatcher, one of the cars is called Solid Snake (like the Metal Gear Solid main character). Neo Kobe is shown as a futuristic city in a style that greatly resembles Blade Runner, in the same manner as in Snatcher. I presume that the building shown in that image, and in one below is a conception of the “Konami Omni Building” where Junker HQ is located.

SpeedKing-01eThe game is based on the arcade machine (ZR107 Hardware) of the same name released by Konami in 1995 that features a vehicle cabinet. The PlayStation game features 8 different vehicles to choose and different circuits.
Original game included a “Speed King Neo Kobe 2045” pin.

Manufacturer’s description:
Make yourself the real Speed King.
All new sophisticated graphics and ultra responsive controls make Road Rage the greatest dynamic racing experience of all time.

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Runabout 2, (SLPS-02403)


Runabout 2, SLPS-02403

Runabout 2, SLPS-02403 (Original)
Runabout 2, SLPS-03033 (Fukyuuban 1500 Series)

PlayStation Games – R



Runabout is back! Sporting game developers at Hot-B deliver this new urban racing game for the PlayStation. Players will pilot as many as 31 different vehicles as they work through 13 high-energy, high-stakes missions. A variety of strategies can be used to complete missions, some of which focus on speed and precision while others require banging, bumping, and violent crashes. Players may want to tune up their vehicles between missions, adjusting suspension, brakes, tires, and acceleration for spot-on performance.

Runabout-02cManufacturer’s description:
YOU OWN THE ROAD! Drive anywhere, dodge traffic and mow down anything in your path to complete the assigned mission. Thirty-one specially selected vehicles allow you to rage through each assigned mission. Select from cars, motorcycles, dragsters, trucks, vans, tanks, missile launchers and more! Thirteen adrenaline-packed missions in five expansive regions of the world provide extreme driving action. Every game is different.

Conquer 13 exciting missions and a bonus rescue mission!
Select from 31 possible vehicles with unique characteristics! Test drive on a track!
Dodge traffic, pick up goodies and drive your own route!
Use e-mail to gain an advantage on your enemies!
Every game is different!

Third person perspective.
3D graphics
Racing theme. Continue reading ‘Runabout 2, (SLPS-02403)’ »