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Zoids – Zenebus vs Heric, (SLPS-02982)

Zoids - Zenebus vs Heric, (SLPS-02982)

Zoids – Zenebus vs Heric, (SLPS-02982)

Zoids – Zenebus vs Heric, (SLPS-02982)

PlayStation Games – Z




Zoids is a multi-media model-kit-based franchise originating from Japanese toy company Tomy (now Takara-Tomy); though now produced by various companies through licenses. The majority of the franchise is built around and focused on the various model kit series. The franchise has expanded from strictly motorized model kits to highly detailed and posable model kits, action figures and even PVC figurines. The various anime series, comics, manga books and video games all serve as tie-in media products for the franchise, to expand both consumer base and franchise recognition.

Zoids are fictional mechanical life-forms, found on the planet Zi. A Zoid is essentially a mechanical animal formed around a techno-organic ‘core’ (known as a “Zoid Core”), which serves as its heart and mind. The Core is considered to be ‘alive’, making the Zoid a living creature. Otherwise, its body is an artificial mechanical construct like any other mecha.

ZoidsZenebus-01bBeginning fairly early after the start of the original Japanese Zoid releases, the battle story first introduced the conflict between two rival nations: the Helic Republic and Zenebas Empire. Their main weapons were Zoids, living war machines built from metal-based lifeforms native to planet Zi. The Zenebas Zoids were mostly red and silver and more armored, the Helic more skeletal and favoring blue and grey.

Zoids – Zenebus vs Heric (aka Zoids – Teikoku vs Kyouwakoku – Mecha Seita no Idenshi) is a tactical RPG. The player can chose to play as either the Helic Republic or the Zenebas Empire. The Helic side is the “easy” mode, as the player starts out with a unit of One Godos, whereas the Zenebas side gives him a unit with an Iguan, Molga, Merda and Gator.
The game is divided into different missions that the player has to complete. When a mission is completed, more Zoids are unlocked and can be bought and be added to the player units.
In the gameplay when the player confronts an enemy on the field, the game starts up a turn-base 3DCG battle between the two Zoids. If the players character runs out of EP, it can’t attack.

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Vandal Hearts 2 – Tenjou no Mon, (SLPM-86251)


Vandal Hearts 2 – Tenjou no Mon, SLPM-86251

Vandal Hearts 2 – Tenjou no Mon, SLPM-86251 (Original)
Vandal Hearts 2 – Tenjou no Mon, SLPM-86504 (Konami the Best)
Vandal Hearts 2 – Tenjou no Mon, SLPM-87279 (PSOne Books)

PlayStation Games – V




Joshua’s day started out simple enough. Climb up on a roof to catch a butterfly for Adele. Once he actually catches it, he promptly falls off the roof. That would be the beginning of the end. His stepsister Rosaly comes running over to say a stranger is being attacked in the field. With the help of his two friends Yuri and Clive, they save the stranger and bring him back to the village so the doctor can treat his wounds. Little do they know, this act of kindness will change their lives forever, for this is no ordinary stranger.

vandalhearts-02dThe stranger, Nicola, is not what he appears to be but Joshua sees him as a hero and wants to help him. Since Nicola is a wanted man being hunted by the relentless Blood Knights, Joshua hides him in his secret tree house. Unfortunately, his stepfather sees Nicola as a troublemaker for bringing the Blood Knights to the village, and thus turns him in. Furious, Joshua sets off to the mayor’s manor to save Nicola.

Wandering through the manor, Joshua makes a wrong turn and finds that he is trapped in a room with the kindly old mayor. Suddenly the court diviner teleports into the room and puts the mayor into a murderous rage. Joshua is forced to fight the mayor and slays him in front of the very eyes of the only woman he will ever love, Adele. After she sees him kill her grandfather, she denounces him and calls for the guards to arrest him. Joshua jumps through a window into the waiting current of the river. He must leave his family, his town and the woman he loves, in hopes of clearing his name and winning back Adele.

As a result of his actions, the country of Natra becomes embroiled in a Civil War that has gone on for seven years, and which still continues. Finally Joshua, now 20, resurfaces as leader of the Red Wolves, a group of bandits that have stricken terror into the hearts of both sides of the Civil War. They only attack military cargoes and people, and have yet to be defeated or captured. They know no allegiance and have no country. They just have each other, but that too will change. Continue reading ‘Vandal Hearts 2 – Tenjou no Mon, (SLPM-86251)’ »

Vandal Hearts 1, Ushinawareta Kodai Bunmei, (SLPM-86007)


Vandal Hearts 1, Ushinawareta Kodai Bunmei, SLPM-86007

Vandal Hearts 1, Ushinawareta Kodai Bunmei, SLPM-86007 (Original)
Vandal Hearts 1, Ushinawareta Kodai Bunmei, SLPM-86067 (Playstation the Best)
Vandal Hearts 1, Ushinawareta Kodai Bunmei, SLPM-87278 (PSOne Books)

PlayStation Games – V




You assume the role of Ash Lambert, a hero torn between saving his country and restoring honor to the disgraced Lambert dynasty. As he struggles with his inner demons and personal problems, he will meet various companions throughout his journey. They will help your character fight to overthrow the oppressive regime and ward off an ancient being that threatens the world.

vandalhearts-01eVandal-Hearts is a 3D turn-based strategy game. Unlike many games of the genre, the various battlefields have sloped surfaces that will either work to your advantage or against you. It will be up to you to accommodate your strategy and amount an appropriate offensive assault against your foes as well as set up defensive measures.

Each character raises experience the more he or she moves and kills. Experience points result in your character becoming stronger and increases his or her overall level. Level increases usually allow your characters to move greater distances on the battlefield, wield new weapons and use new magical spells. When a character reaches a specific level, they can visit a town’s Dojo — an area of training and class upgrading.

Class upgrading is an important aspect of Vandal-Hearts — it allows your characters to become more advanced and stronger. For example, a hero can upgrade to a champion and eventually a paragon. A soldier can turn into a swordsman (a sword fighter) or a guardsman (a strong person with great armor). He can then choose to become a duelist or a dragoon depending on what you chose previous. Except for your hero (Ash), each character is given a wide variety of upgrades and classes. Continue reading ‘Vandal Hearts 1, Ushinawareta Kodai Bunmei, (SLPM-86007)’ »

Shin Super Robot Taisen, (SLPS-00550)


Shin Super Robot Taisen, SLPS-00550

Shin Super Robot Taisen, SLPS-00550 (Original)
Shin Super Robot Taisen, SLPS-91084 (Playstation the Best)

PlayStation Games – S



Super Robot Wars is a series of tactical role-playing video games produced by Banpresto, which is now a Japanese division of Namco Bandai. The main feature of the franchise is having a story that crosses over several popular mecha anime, manga and video games, allowing characters and mecha from different titles to team up or battle one another. The first game in the franchise was released for the Nintendo Game Boy on the 20th April, 1991. Later spawning numerous games that were released on various consoles and handhelds. Due to the nature of crossover games and licensing involved, only three games have been released outside of Japan, these games only feature Banpresto’s own original characters and mecha. The franchise will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2011.

ShinSuperRobotTaisen-01bShin Super Robot Wars features full-sized graphics (besides Super Robot Wars Gaiden: Maso Kishin / The Lord Of Elemental and the Scramble Commander games, this is the only title to do so), as well as the debut of the “Banpresto Original” SRX storyline.

Series Premiered: Blue Comet SPT Layzner, Super Electromagnetic Machine Voltes V, Demon Dragon of the Heavens Gaiking, Invincible Robo Trider G7, New Mobile Report Gundam Wing

The game begins when the military has detected a large energy signature – far *too* large. The source becomes apparent quickly: one of the colonies around Mars just exploded. And what’s worse, more colonies are under attack from beam cannonry borne by unknown flying adversaries. In short order, the entire constellation of Martian colonies is wiped out, and the commander runs off to make his report, yelling to his subordinates not to take their eyes off the unidentified enemy. Continue reading ‘Shin Super Robot Taisen, (SLPS-00550)’ »

Rebus, (SLPS-01343)


Rebus, (SLPS-01343)

Rebus, SLPS-01343 (Original)
Rebus, SLPS-91121 (PlayStation the Best)

PlayStation Games – R



A turn-based, strategy RPG, Kartia presents players with two disparate, yet intersecting storylines: one as the shrine warrior, Lacryma Christi; the other as Toxa Classico, an arrogant knight. Having selected a character, players embark on a journey spanning 18 chapters, each of which is preceded by pertinent dialogue and FMV scenes, the former accompanied by character portraits from Yoshitaka Amano (best known for his work on the Final Fantasy series). The titular Kartia represents the lifeblood of the world of Rebus, as it is from this that almost anything can be created. Prior to and during each skirmish, Kartia can be used to fashion spells, equipment, and phantoms by assembling the various elements each entity requires.

Rebus-01eEverything created in the game comprises three elements: the necessary text, proper grammar and the Kartia on which to write it (three forms of Kartia exist, namely, Silk, Mithril, and WorldTree, each more powerful than the last), and it is these elements that are most sought after throughout the game. Phantom creatures, the foot soldiers of the piece, are aligned according to Common, Doll, and Shadow types, and analogous to the simple Rock-Paper-Scissors game, each fares better or worse against a one of the others. Although expendable in battle, phantoms will, like their human counterparts, gain in experience over time and increase in power and ability.

The battlefields on which players engage the enemy are susceptible to damage, and excessive spell use will scorch the land, burn trees to the ground, freeze bodies of water and deform the terrain. Additionally, players can trade items with a friend or compete in two-player versus competition using their save data from the single-player adventure. Continue reading ‘Rebus, (SLPS-01343)’ »