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Senryaku Shogi (SLPS-00142)

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Senryaku Shogi (SLPS-00142)

Senryaku Shogi (SLPS-00142)

PlayStation Games – S




Product Description: Senryaku Shogi is a nice presentation of the strategy board game of Shogi, often called Japanese chess. This game was published by Electronic Arts Victor, and released in Japan in 1995.

Game Highlights:
1. Learn various offensive strategies and tactics!
2. Select the best strategy every time!
3. Teaches you to improve your game at any level, from beginner to master!
4. Practice your game against the computerized strategies of real masters at 7 different difficulty levels!

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Technical Details:
Platform: PlayStation (PS1)
Genre: Board Game, Strategy, Shogi
Developer: Electronic Arts Co., Ltd.
MPN: SLPS-00142
Region: NTSC-J (Japan)
Language: Japanese
Release Date: November 17, 1995
Format: 1 CD Disc
Memory Card Blocks: 1
Players: 1-2 Players

Japanese School Uniform Blazers!

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Japanese School uniform Blazer!

We have updated our catalog with a new classic styled Japanese School uniform Blazer!

School Uniform Coats, Jackets, and Blazers !

Our Japanese School Uniform Blazers are crafted from permanent press flat-weave twill fabric, coated with water-repellent and stain resistant finish! The silky 100% taffeta polyester lining feels cool even on warm days.
Jacket has fashionable shoulder pads, and left breast pocket. The buttons are gold or silver tone metal with double stitched button holes.

Your blazer is available in your choice of classic school colors (Navy, Black, Grey, or Beige)
Sizes available: S / M / L / LL

Fine fabric should be dry-cleaned only.

Kaibutsu Para-Dice – Monster Paradise, (SLPS-00915)

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Kaibutsu Para-Dice – Monster Paradise, (SLPS-00915)

Kaibutsu Para-Dice – Monster Paradise, (SLPS-00915)

PlayStation Games – K


Kaibutsu Para-Dice – Monster Paradise put the player in the role of a treasure hunter that goes to Charles the Pudding the 13th (also known as the Monster Paradise for the monsters that guard them) and try to get the treasure that are inside it.

The game play is the classic board game with 4 different characters to choose from (3 male and one female one).

Charles the Pudding the 13th enjoyed great success in California’s 19th century gold rush, but when he was returning to Great Britian, his ship wrecked and the fabulous treasure that he carried was lost. Charles died in 1852, and people said that a lot of treasure remained hidden in his mansion. Over 150 years have passed since he died. Although a great number of hunters had tried to find the treasure , no one been able to find the hidden riches so far. Can You?

The spirit of Charles is waiting for a great adventurer like himself to recover his wealth, but he also was an evil man, so he also put monsters inside the mansion to guard and protect his treasures.

Are you ready and able to defeat the monsters and grab the treasure for yourself?

Manufacturer’s description: (more…)

Kagero – Kokumeikan Shinshou, (SLPS-01421)

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Kagero – Kokumeikan Shinshou, SLPS-01421

Kagero – Kokumeikan Shinshou, SLPS-01421 (Original)
Kagero – Kokumeikan Shinshou, SLPS-91148 (Playstation the Best)
Kagero – Kokumeikan Shinshou, SLPS-91405 (PSOne Books)

PlayStation Games – K



Enter a world where humans and creatures called Timenoids coexist. These blue-skinned Timenoids are determined to wipe out the inferior human race, and this is where you come in. You play the role of Millennia, a young woman who was brainwashed at an early age to do the Timenoids’ bidding. She now believes that the humans must be exterminated from the world, which is rather ironic, since she is human herself. Yet if she succeeds, the Timenoids have promised her immortality and the power to become one of their own…

KageroKokumeikanShinshou-01dIn this sequel to Tecmo’s Deception, you are once again placed inside a castle to lure invaders into various traps. The game differs from the original in several ways, however. The view is no longer first-person, so you can see your character at all times. Multiple traps can also be triggered at once (up to three), forming even deadlier combinations than the original. In addition, the vibration mode is supported on the Dual Shock Analog Controller to provide feedback on each gruesome death. Prepare for a non-linear journey as the decisions you make during the game affect the type of ending you’ll receive. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll remember your past…

Manufacturer’s description:
The Sequel to the Award-Winning Tecmo’s Deception.

Through the brutal use of brainwashing, (more…)

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