Manga ReviewsMamotte Shugogetten!, by SAKURANO Minene
Mamotte Shugogetten!, by SAKURANO Minene

Mamotte Shugogetten!, by SAKURANO Minene – Manga M

The story is about a boy named, Shichiri Tasuke, a junior high school student who lives alone. His parents are constantly traveling the world. One day his father, Tarousuke, sends Tasuke a strange ring he found in China. Legend has it that if someone of pure heart should peer into the ring then a guardian from heaven would appear to protect him or her. When Tasuke inspects this object, a goddess appears from within the ring. Her name is Shugogetten Shaorin, commonly called Shao, and her destiny is to protect the person who releases her from the ring.

[AKA: Guardian Angel Getten (1997-2000)]

Genre(s): Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, Shounen, Supernatural


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