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King’s Field 1, SLPS-00017

King’s Field 1, SLPS-00017 (Original)
King’s Field 1, SLPS-91401 (PSOne Books)

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King’s Field is the first game in the King’s Field role-playing video game series. Like all its successors, the game is played through first person view in a dark and mysterious, medieval fantasy setting.

The game was developed by the Japanese video game company From Software, and released December 16, 1994 in Japan, making it the first RPG released for the PlayStation. Since it was never published outside Japan, this game is commonly known as King’s Field (Japan) in the U.S. The game has later received a fan translation in English. A complete remake was released in 2000 as part of the Sword of Moonlight: King’s Field Making Tool software suite for Windows PCs; also released only in Japan.

There was a small country called Verdite surrounded by a deep forest, encircled by fog and whirling winds. In ancient days, when a great battle was fought and many were dying, Verdite was saved by a person who then disappeared into the forest. Only the forest’s drifting fog knew who this person was… The citizens called their savior the Dragon of the Forest and built a sanctuary and honored this person there. Eventually, only a legend remained and the Sanctuary was changed into the Royal Graveyard and all was silent. But, the legend says, “Someday the Dragon of the Forest shall return, bearing Magical Artifacts.” However, the time has not yet come and the Sanctuary sleeps deeply…

The original King’s Field is the first of the first-person fantasy RPG King’s Field series. It was released in Japan weeks after the launch of the PlayStation, and never localized or released elsewhere. When King’s Field II was later released in the West, it was renamed King’s Field for those regions.

In this game, the player controls John Alfred Forrester looking for his missing father inside lost, haunted ruins. The journey takes him through a five-level dungeon populated by friendly NPCs and deadly traps and monsters. The entire world, including objects, enemies, and the player’s own equipment, is rendered with 3D textured polygons.

The player collects gold and items from slain enemies, and can purchase weapons and spells at two shops located within the dungeon. Weapons and magic are assigned to different buttons so the player can easily attack with both, however, recharging action bars for each prevent rapidly spamming attacks. Skills and stats increase with use, and items can be bought or collected that raise specific stats when used (green Verdite stones raise magic, for example). The final boss can only be defeated with magic, encouraging players to grind a rounded character to to a maximum level.

Each level of the dungeon holds enemies more difficult than the last, as well as greater rewards. The game takes place entirely within the narrow walls of the dungeon, with the only “safe” areas on the first floor. Players can save their progress to the memory card by activating crosses mounted on walls throughout the levels.

Manufacturer’s description:
Authentic adventure RPG dungeon while defeating the demons. Processing by displaying 3D polygons and all other magic character dungeon item, reproduced full immersive medieval fantasy world of swords and sorcery. You can also move the high degree of freedom fighting anyway, remove any complex system, you can enjoy a wide range of players.

First person perspective.
3D graphics
Cartoon graphics
Medieval Fantasy theme.

Number Of Players      1 Player
Number Of Memory Card Blocks      5 Blocks
Compatible Controllers Tested
( Official Gamepads Only )      Standard Controller ( Digital Controller compatible only )
Compatible Light Guns
( Official Light Guns Only )      None
Other Compatible Controllers
( Official Controllers Only )      None
Special Controllers Included Or
Supported ( Official Only )      None
Vibration Function Compatible      No
Multi-Tap Function Compatible      No
Link Cable Function Compatible     No

Move character – D-Pad
Status screen / Cancel – X Button
Action / Examine – Circle Button
Sword attack – Triangle Button
Cast magic – Square Button
Strafe left or right – L1 or R1 Button
Look up – L2 Button
Look down – R2 Button
Menu options – Select Button
Pause game – Start Button

Infinite HP –
800A0790 03E7
800A0792 03E7
Infinite MP –
800A0794 03E7
800A0796 03E7
Have 999999 Gold –
800A07AC 423F
800A07AE 000F

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