PlayStation 1 Games70’s Robot Anime – Geppy-X – The Super Boosted Armor, (SLPS-01995-8)
70’s Robot Anime – Geppy-X – The Super Boosted Armor, (SLPS-01995-8)

70’s Robot Anime – Geppy-X – The Super Boosted Armor, (SLPS-01995-8)

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70’s Robot Anime – Geppy-X – The Super Boosted Armor is a side scrolling shooter game released in 1999 by Aroma for Sony PlayStation console consist of 4 CD-ROMs, and don’t published in US.

This game seems to be a parody from one of most famous and legendary Super Robot anime created by Nagai Go in the decade of 70’s. Anyway, if you’re looking for an Individual Getta Robo game, Geppy X is a shooter that looks like a cross between R-Type and the Capcom Classic Section Z with colorful sprite and polygonal based characters and enemies.

70sRobotAnimeGeppy-X-01cThe player controls 6 different robots dependent on the scenario. Each one has a main weapon which can be charged up and made more powerful, a secondary weapon which is more of an assist weapon, and each robot is capable of a super attack when you power gauge fills up.

Is the year 1970s on earth, and suddenly the devil space empire Beelzebub beast space corps led by Bin Day began their invasion.

The invasion was predicted by a space robot laboratory called Wu, and he was secretly building Super Robot called “Yuck PX” that is piloted by a human called Hazime Kei (17 years old) that is the leader of the red squadron.

The game is divided in 8 episodes:
-Saikyou Geppy-X toujou
-Shinkai Akuma o tatakae
-Unare! Hissatsu Rokuzan Oroshi!
-Saraba Tomoyo Fujisan Bakuhatsu Hyoumae
-Yumikaeru Geppy X! Fuichi no Youni
-Shi o Yobu Shuhakuri Yokou
-Uchuu Akumahou no Kyufu! habatake Geppy-XX!!!
-Final Stage!!!

– Kei: Pilot of Geppy X1. He’s similar with Ryouma in Getta Robo and Getta Robo G series, a brave and hot blooded person, plus the fact that Kei also voiced by Kamiya Akira (Saeba Ryou of City Hunter, Mouri Kogoro of Metantei Conan, also done Nagare Ryouma for Getta Robo and Getta Robo G)

– Jin: Pilot of Geppy X2. Similar with Hayato, in Getta Robo series. Only, he got a long hair and he’s also a “Woman Killer” type man. Still, he’s a cool guy.

– Riki: Pilot of Geppy X3. Similar with Musashi from original Getta Robo series,only, he didn’t wear a cape & sword and he speak in Kansai – Ben.

– Dr. Kureishi: The creator of Geppy X, VERY DIFFERENT attitude and look with professor Saotome in Getta Robo. Anyway, did…Kureishi mean “Crazy”.

– Kyou: “Female version” of Kei, an energetic person and Tomboyish girl as well

– Suzu: The Incho (Class Leader) during Kei’s Senior highschool age, looks like she’s have a special feeling with Kei

– Romi: An Idol Singer, which surprised all of Geppy team’s member when she’s joined (because Kei and Jin, are her fans)

– Mio: Pilot of Queen Fairy, (daughter of Professor Kureishi?) have sweet attitude, and often serve Geppy team. She don’t resembles Saotome Michiru afterall….

– Lord of Darkness Devin: Leader of Uchuu Akuma Teikoku, and the person behind everything, he’ll be your last opponent.

– Hisser: This woman is one of Uchuu Akuma teikoku’s leader, have a tragic love story with Jin

– Jyag: Another leader in Devin’s army, wearing mask. A Char Aznable parody????

– Geppy X: Your playable robot during 4 first episode and first half of episode 5, just like Getta Robo, it has 3 different types depend of formation, Balance (Geppy X1), Speed (Geppy X2) and power (Geppy X3), anyway all of player will used Geppy X1 more often than the other formation because it’s fast and controllable X’s beam similar to Getter Robo’s infamous Getter beam)

– Geppy Double X: The replacement of the former Geppy X, you’ll acquired this robot since the 2nd half of Episode 5. Consist of 3 formation too: Geppy Fire (Balance) Geppy Thunder (Speed) and Geppy Tornado (Power). Have better status and Super compared with original Geppy X1 for Geppy Fire, unfortunately…..The Geppy Thunder’s super move become NOT as useful as Geppy X2’s super because it’s limited range and already lose it’s ability to “Chase” the enemy and destroy all the enemy in the screen

– Queen Fairy: Geppy X and Double X’s support unit, piloted by Mio. She’ll appeared after you grab a special item. She’ll deliver some free extra health and status upgrade items for you.

– Wild John: A cowboy robot from america, almost similar with Texas Mack in Getta Robo series, as with queen fairy, he’ll appeared after you got a special item, but it’s not as useful as queen fairy, cuz he’s only send some projectile shoot into your enemy and then leave.

– Atlanger: A Grandizer like robot with “mazinger-like” face. have same function with Wild John. Anyway, why the creator of this game add a Grandizer like robots? is that because there’s a team-up movie between Getta Robo G, Grandizer and Mazinger?

– R-64 Robo: A comic relief on this game, imagine!!! die suddenly before hurt his enemy!!!! anyway, it’s also playable later in the game, and I believe you’ll feel that it’s speed will overwhelmed you….cuz it’s way to slow…….

– R-74 Robo: New and better upgrade version of R-64, have better speed, weapon, even can also transformed into a plane, anyway…why it’s only got 50 Points more for armor point?

Manufacturer’s description:
Side scrolling shooter with lots of tips on a parody of 1970s-style robot anime. Giant robot “blech P-X ” puppet, fight to protect the planet from the invading army of aggression led by Bin Day Space Beast Satan. Each stage is complete proceed to talk like a TV cartoon, is full of a variety of scenarios and events See the middle branch.

Third person perspective.
2D graphics
Cartoon graphics
SCI-FI, Futuristic, Mechas, Humor & Anime themes.

Number Of Players      1 Player
Number Of Memory Card Blocks      1 Block
Compatible Controllers Tested
( Official Gamepads Only )      Standard Controller / Analog Controller ( Dual Shock Controller compatible )
Compatible Light Guns
( Official Light Guns Only )      None
Other Compatible Controllers
( Official Controllers Only )      None
Special Controllers Included Or
Supported ( Official Only )      None
Vibration Function Compatible      Yes
Multi-Tap Function Compatible      No
Link Cable Function Compatible  No

Move character –  D-Pad
Fire laser –  X Button
Turn Character –  Circle Button
Fire weapon –  Square Button
Perform a Deadblow –  Triangle Button
Change formation –  L1 or R1 Button
Skip movies / pause game –  Start Button

MISC CODES (Most of these codes performed during PRESS START BUTTON screen. After you’re finished to input the codes, go to “extra stage option” to play the extra stages):
Enable Wild John Stage –   up,down,right,up,down,right,up + triangle
Enable R-64 Robo Stage –   up,up,down,down,right,left,right + triangle
Enable Atlanger Stage –   left, right, right,down, left, left, right + triangle
Enable Queen Fairy Stage –   left, right, left, down, down, right, right + triangle
Enable Star Geppy Stage –   down, left, left, down, down, right, right + triangle
View FMV Sequences –   Down, Down, Left, Down, Down, Left, Down, Triangle

Infinite energy –
30078704 0063
Max main weapons –
30197866 0003
Max sub weapons –
30197868 0003
X-Power Max –
3019786A 005A
Infinite Armor –
80197874 012C
Invincible –
30197803 0010

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