PlayStation 1 Games3D Kakutou Tsukuru (Fighter Maker), (SLPS-01434)
3D Kakutou Tsukuru (Fighter Maker), (SLPS-01434)

3D Kakutou Tsukuru (Fighter Maker), (SLPS-01434)

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Great fighters are made, not born! That’s the underlying concept behind Agetec’s new brawler/construction kit Fighter Maker (3D Kakutou Tsukuru), a quasi-game that’s sure to have amateur game programmers squealing in delight. Is Virtua Fighter not your style? Does Tekken make you sick? Then take on the world and design your own hardy crew of fighters and then pit them against your best buddy’s!

Fighter Maker features a complete 3D character posing system — think of it as a simplified version of Kinetix’s Character Studio R2 for 3D Studio MAX. But you’ll need to sit down and read the manual to make your fighters look their best as the construction kit is a very powerful one, and you may get bogged down in the sheer number of choices you have to make.

3DKakutouTsukuru-01cThose choices are made in the Edit mode. Not only will you give your fighters detailed profiles outlining their past histories, fighting motions and logical AI, you’ll also have the freedom of creation by selecting one of 20 different models and editing everything from wardrobe and muscle tone to hair and skin color! You can alter your fighters’ poses to make them standup after being taken down or begin fighting from a crouched position. There’s even a series of fixed positions and wrist combinations!

Once the character standing before you on the screen looks like the fighter of your dreams, its time to program a series of devastating fighting moves and combinations! Choosing anything from basic movements (166 unique patterns) and hit sequences to throws, crouching dashes and downward attacks, selecting the right moves and understanding how they work is vital to your fighter’s success. There are over 800 different moves in all! You’ll also want to balance damage values between high, mid-level and low attacks as well as combination lengths, fighting delays and your fighter’s position after a move is executed (back towards the opponent or facing him).

If creating your own fighters sounds a little on the complicated side of things, don’t worry — the developers have included a 68-page manual that thoroughly outlines various details as well as in-game help menus and demonstrations. So, punk, what are you waiting for? Snag a few extra memory cards, plug in a second controller and butt heads with the industry’s best. Are you a true-blue Fighter Maker?

Manufacturer’s description:
Fighter Maker (3D Kakutou Tsukuru) is the fighting game every fighting game fanatic has been waiting for. Fighter Maker is the total package, a 3D fighting game AND all the tools every fan needs to create the perfect fighter. Fighter Maker’s awesome suite of design tools allows anyone to create their own unstoppable fighting machine from scratch or edit any move from the extensive library of 800 moves and save it to a memory card. Now any gamer can take total control of every key frame of animation, every hit, every throw, every juggle combo, and every camera angle.
Fighter Maker features professional-quality design tools that give you full control over your fighter’s every movement.
Customize your fighter’s arsenal from a library of over 800 lethal fighting moves and save it to a memory card and challenge your friends.
Start with a wire frame figure and create exciting new moves from scratch or edit any of the moves from Fighter Maker’s extensive library.
Pick from over 20 deadly fighting styles from all over the world and compete in 10 exotic locations.
The design module lets you fine tune each of your fighter’s 69 unique moves to score the most damage points.
Test your moves against other fighting styles by sparring with a variety of opponents.
Add sound and visual effects to your moves.
Create signature victory and defeat moves.
Select your fighter’s appearance from 20 unique characters including Skullo Mania from Street Fighter.

Third person perspective
3D graphics
Cartoon graphics
Martial Arts & Fighting themes.

Number Of Players      1 or 2 Players
Number Of Memory Card Blocks      1-15 Blocks
Compatible Controllers Tested
( Official Gamepads Only )      Standard Controller ( Digital Controller only )
Compatible Light Guns
( Official Light Guns Only )      None
Other Compatible Controllers
( Official Controllers Only )      None
Special Controllers Included Or
Supported ( Official Only )      None
Vibration Function Compatible      No
Multi-Tap Function Compatible      No
Link Cable Function Compatible   No

Display main menu at title screen; pause/resume game action; in versus mode, press once for slow motion; press again to pause –  Start Button
Display in-game menu to check attacks, change settings and camera angles or end game –  Select Button
Move character to background –  D-Pad Up
Move character to foreground –  D-Pad Down
Move character to the left –  D-Pad Left
Move character to the right –  D-Pad Right
Confirm menu selections / low-level (leg) attacks –  X Button
Mid-level (body) attacks –  Square Button
Upper-level (head) attacks –  Triangle Button
Cancel menu selections –  Circle Button
Guard –  R1 Button
Defend against low-level attacks –  R1 + D-Pad Down
Throw –  R1 + Square Button

Display the controller bar while creating movements-  Start Button
Switch between the throwing character and the thrown character when creating throwing movements –  Select Button
Move cursor –  D-Pad
Confirm menu selections –  X Button
Display menu for adjusting camera perspective when viewing a character –  Triangle Button
Hide menus for unobstructed view of character –  Square Button
Cancel menu selections –  Circle Button
Cycle through a pose frame by frame in pose editor –  L1 Button (hold) + D-Pad Left/Right
Redo last action in pose editor –  L2 Button
Display a ring around the selected portion of the body in pose editor, indicating the direction in which it will be moved –  R1 Button (hold)
Undo last action in pose editor –  R2 Button

Infinite Health P1:
8006A724 0064
Infinite Timer –
80069D98 17AE

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