PlayStation 1 Games3D Mission Shooting Finalist, (SLPS-00461)
3D Mission Shooting Finalist, (SLPS-00461)

3D Mission Shooting Finalist, (SLPS-00461)

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Prepare yourself for dangerous underground combat action in 3D Mission Shooting Finalist TUNNEL B1 for the PlayStation. Command your specialized B1 hovercraft in fierce battles, as you attempt to bring down an evil madman intent on detonating a thermonuclear explosion and destroying the world. Traverse dark and ominous caverns, dank sewers, and winding tunnels at super speeds while blasting enemies and collecting hidden power-ups.

Compete in frenzied, timed races against frightening drones which you must hunt down and eliminate, and fight fast helicopters and steel-hardened tanks determined to bring about your demise. Use all the weapons in your deadly arsenal including standard guns, powerful rockets, blistering lasers, flares and mines to do your job.

3DMissionShootingFinalist-01eYou’ll have to take out entrenched enemy gun turrets, unlock security doors to reach new and tougher stages, explore vast subterranean environments, and avoid devious traps in an intense quest to save humankind. In 3D Mission Shooting Finalist only you and your gaming skills stand in the way of certain destruction.

Manufacturer’s description:
Underground. Faster than fear. You have become one with your war machine. Flesh sears. Metal warps. Darkness enfolds you. The tunnel has swallowed you while. It is alive with the instruments of death. Even the walls want to kill you. The speed hurts, Trigger finger blisters. But is all you’ve got. Because the light at the end of the tunnel is a thermonuclear explosion.
Enemy weapons scream death down the black corridors!
Haunting light sourcing and scaling!
Lock, dodge, turn, fire!
Tunnel sensors guard against surprise attacks!
Nuclear tunnel explosions get real dangerous, real fast!

First person perspective
3D graphics
Cartoon graphics
SCI-FI & Futuristic themes.

Number Of Players      1 Player
Number Of Memory Card Blocks      1 Block
Compatible Controllers Tested
( Official Gamepads Only )      Standard Controller ( Digital Controller compatible only )
Compatible Light Guns
( Official Light Guns Only )      None
Other Compatible Controllers
( Official Controllers Only )      None
Special Controllers Included Or
Supported ( Official Only )      None
Vibration Function Compatible      No
Multi-Tap Function Compatible      No
Link Cable Function Compatible   No

Lock / Alternate lock –  D-pad up
Steer right or left –  D-pad right or left
Unlock –  D-pad down
Brake –  X Button
Strafe –  Circle Button
Accelerate –  Square Button
Booster –  Triangle Button
Secondary Weapon –  L2 Button
Select secondary Weapon –  L1 Button
Select primary Weapon –  R1 Button
Primary Weapon –  R2 Button
Pause game –  Start Button

Unlimited Weapons –   Complete the game once and save, then reload that game.

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