CosPlay CornerClassic Japanese School Uniform Buruma (Bloomer) Gym Clothes
Classic Japanese School Uniform Buruma (Bloomer) Gym Clothes

Classic Japanese School Uniform Buruma (Bloomer) Gym Clothes

Japanese School Gym and Sports Uniforms!



Known as buruma (ブルマ), also burumā (ブルマー), bloomers were introduced to Japan as women’s clothing for physical education in 1903. After the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, a newer style of bloomers which fit the body closer, similar to volleyball uniforms, became commonplace. Around the mid-1990s, however, schools and individuals began to choose longer, looser sports shorts instead, citing modesty concerns. Most schools have dropped the close-fitting buruma athletic wear in favor of newer styles, but the classic buruma is still available from uniform suppliers. Many people are also interested in buruma (bloomers) for cosplay events.

Our classic Japanese School Uniform Gym and Sports Buruma (Bloomer) Shorts are Made in Japan!

This is a real uniform item, not a cheap hong kong costume. The brand we ship may change due to availability, but will always be the same high quality uniform gear approved by the Japanese School Athletic Federation.

The shorts feature double layered cotton knit fabric with inner backing, and a very stretchy elastic waistband.

The matching Crew-neck T-shirt features a thick cotton knit fabric with a slightly gathered waistband for a great fit.

Both pieces of the set are super absorbent, breathable, and very comfortable. Perfect for school, the gym, CosPlay, or relaxing at home!

These uniforms can be hand/machine washed or dry cleaned. Wrinkle resistant, but can take an iron if necessary. Well fitted, but can be easily altered by you or professional seamstress. Don’t Miss this fantastic offer!

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