PlayStation 1 GamesAbalaburn, (SLPS-01280)
Abalaburn – A Battle Legend of Astterica, (SLPS-01280

Abalaburn – A Battle Legend of Astterica, (SLPS-01280)

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Abalaburn – A Battle Legend of Astterica is a 3d Fighter game that features 8 different characters for the player to choose: Blood, Pooly, Ariel, Kleude, Bian, Rose, Aquila & Nate.
Each character’s story begins in a different place but the missions are the same for all of them.

Blending exotic influences from Rival Schools, Tobal and Toshiden (unsurprisingly coming from Takara) into a very sound whole with fine characterization including an excellent robot combatant all of which have been represented in brash colors and lavish anime styling.

Abalaburn-01dLittle known fighting game with story and arcade modes, but well deserving of another blast. Plenty of longevity too as the story mode features some basic action RPG elements.

“Upon thee hast the Gods bestowed wisdom without measure.
Likewise from the Celestial Force hast thou inherited the Mystic Way.
With thy wisdom canst thou interpret the logic of all things, whilst the Mystic Way givest thou wherewithal to conquer heaven and earth.
Thus I say unto thee, he who masters me and mine, masters all things.
Behold, I am Lemuria.
Seek thou me.
Verify, my Spirit abideth in me, and doeth permeate the Bastion of the Eight-fold Path.
He, who seeketh and findeth me inherits all.
Lo, eons passeth as I, Lemuria, await the coming of man.
Yea, and he who cometh bearing light shall be welcomed withal.
And I say unto thee — the who follows the light shall i lead to salvation.
Yet, if the ministration of Lemuria fill thy heart to overflowing, still shall i have mercy on thee and grant thee one wish, whatsover it may be…”

In this mode the player controls a character in a small dungeon type of game like Tobal. There are altogether 12 Stages, but true dungeon only 8 stages as the last few as just boss-fighting.

Manufacturer’s description:
“Toshinden” series produced staff will unleash the original adventure game is Fight!
A captivating story mode
“The legend of Lemuria” by-step, eight fighters is to begin a journey of adventure! !
The hero will have to face the monsters. And seven other people! !
Fight, defeat enemies and characters grow stronger! Total two-hour-old of the storytelling!
Arcade mode of agitation
Flashy skills have to give the killer!
As time goes by, the killer is counted Technical UP! !
The player can load the data of his character raised in the Story mode!

Third person perspective.
3D graphics
Cartoon graphics
Martial Arts & Fantasy themes.

Number Of Players      1-2 Players
Number Of Memory Card Blocks      1 Block
Compatible Controllers Tested
( Official Gamepads Only )      Standard Controller ( Digital Controller compatible only )
Compatible Light Guns
( Official Light Guns Only )      None
Other Compatible Controllers
( Official Controllers Only )      None
Special Controllers Included Or
Supported ( Official Only )      None
Vibration Function Compatible      No
Multi-Tap Function Compatible      No
Link Cable Function Compatible   No

Move character –  D-Pad
Run –  D-Pad left or right twice
Low kick –  Circle Button
Jump –  X Button
Fist attack –  Square Button
High kick –  Triangle Button
Fist attack –  R1 Button
Guard –  L1 Button
Rotate camera (Story mode) –  L2 or R2 Button
Pause game –  Start Button

Arcade Mode\1P HP MAX –
801C3E7E 270F
Arcade Mode\infinite MP for player one –
801C3E62 0005
Story Mode\Max Level –
301C3EF9 0063
Story Mode\HP MAX –
801C3E7E 270F

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