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Please Help Us To Help Others

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charityHelping Others with Every Purchase!

A portion of every sale at Passing-Fancy is automatically donated to charity through the PayPal Giving Fund, an official IRS registered 501(c)(3) public charity.

Our current donations are aimed at helping the victims of Hurricane Florence. A portion of each sale at Passing-Fancy is donated to organizations working with local authorities and partners on the ground to provide much needed relief in the affected cities.

Enjoy your purchases, and feel good about helping others who been impacted by these devastating natural disasters.

What happened to JPQueen?

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What happened to JPQueen?

Many people have asked, “What ever happened to ?”

Sadly, it looks like their site is dead forever.  They first went down back around 2005, but then came back online a short time later with a very reduced stock of books. They stumbled along for several more years before dying again in 2009.  Many of our friends and customers have asked us to help them find the special books which JPQueen used to sell.

Let us help you build your collection!  If you are searching for anything special, please visit our Special Order page!

Many great sites have died recently because people are downloading and reading scanned manga online instead of buying the original books. Please support your manga community, and please support your favorite artists! Buy the original books in new or used condition, or all the remaining sales sites will disappear as well.

A little history of “

JPQueen was an online specialty site that sold anime and manga related merchandise, such as doujinshi, art books, figurines, novels, and CDs. Users could create wish lists and submit reviews of items. The site went down briefly in the mid 2000’s, and returned on a much smaller scale a few months later.  They went offline a couple more times over the next few years, and then JPQ announced their “Permanent closure” in June 2009. The site went up and down very often over the next few months.  Although they stopped taking new orders, they didn’t actually stop the server and you could read old material for many months.  According to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, there were no updates at all during 2010, and was gone forever by early 2011.

At its peak, JPQueen was a popular resource for fans, particularly those looking for doujinshi, yaoi, and BL comics. Information such as artists, doujinshi circles, publication dates, and page numbers were included on the item’s page, as well as a few pictures of the front and back covers and a few random sample pages. Artists and circles were also linked, so a user could search by a doujinshi’s creator as well as fandom.

Many of our customers have mentioned that they first researched manga at JPQ, prior to ordering from us at Passing-Fancy.

Please post your personal comments and memories about JPQueen below!

Join us now on Facebook, for FREE Monthly Gifts!

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Join us on Facebook!

Join us now on Facebook!

We have recently started our new Facebook page and would love it if you dropped by to check us out!

Make sure to click the LIKE button so you will get up to the minute status, and take part in our upcoming FREEBIE GIFT give-aways! We will have random prize give-aways every month, and they are only available to our Facebook Friends!

The USA is blocking Japanese mail!

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The USA is blocking Japanese mail!

A recent bureaucratic snafu has caused the USA to block postal mail from Japan, and several other countries. The USA has forced countries like Japan to place a 453-gram limit on U.S.-bound mail. This has had a temporary effect on our ability to ship orders to our US customers. Basically, Homeland Security and the TSA (airport security) have lost their minds and have started seeing ‘terrorist plots’ everywhere, including mail from trusted, friendly nations like Japan and Europe. Their knee-jerk reaction was to block all international mail over 16 ounces.

UPDATE:  The problem seems to be fixed after several weeks, and mail is once again flowing smoothly from Japan to the USA.

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