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Eikan wa Kimini 4, (SLPS-02173)

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Eikan wa Kimini 4, SLPS-02173

Eikan wa Kimini 4, SLPS-02173 (Original)
Eikan wa Kimini 4, SLPS-02813 (Artdink Best Choice)

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Eikan wa Kimini 4 is a simulation game in which the player is the new coach and manager of a Japanese baseball team, he can choose in which team he wants to coach, the team uniforms, the tactics, the different training for each week and during the games he can decide the kind of throws and tactics.

The game features also a vs mode in which two players can load their own personally created teams from a memory card and play a match against each other.

EikanwaKimini4-01dBaseball is one of the most popular sports in Japan. It was introduced to Japan in 1872 by Horace Wilson, who taught at the Kaisei School in Tokyo. The first baseball team was called the Shimbashi Athletic Club and was established in 1878. Baseball has been a popular sport ever since. It is called yakyu in Japanese, combining the characters for fielding and ball.

The professional baseball association is called Nippon Professional Baseball. Japan has two leagues, as in the United States. The Central and Pacific Leagues each consist of six teams. The Pacific League uses the designated hitter style of play. The pro baseball season is eight months long with games beginning in April, and a Championship held in October. Teams play 144 games, as compared to the 162 games of the American major league teams.

The rules are essentially those of Major League Baseball. In the Nippon league, however, tie games are allowed, and technical elements are slightly different: a smaller baseball, strike zone, and playing field are used. The Japanese baseball is wound more tightly and is harder than an American baseball. The strike zone is narrower “inside” than away from the batter.

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Tomb Raider 4, (SLPS-02803)

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Tomb Raider 4 – The Last Revelation, SLPS-02803

Tomb Raider 4 – The Last Revelation, SLPS-02803 (Original)
Tomb Raider 4 – The Last Revelation, SLPM-86896 (Capkore)

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As a teen, Lara Croft discovers her true roots as an adventurer in Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation for the PlayStation, the fourth installment of the Tomb Raider 3D action-adventure franchise. She’s lived a life surrounded by servants, social events and high society. One day she discovers Professor Werner Von Croy, a respected archaeologist whose work would soon take Lara on a tour of Cambodia. There she would learn, study, and be inspired by this search for adventure from around the world, only to end up witnessing Von Croy’s entrapment in a cave now buried in the desert’s sandy blanket.

tombraider-04dLara Croft is now grown up and in search of this secret tomb that compels her to travel to modern Egypt. As Lara, you’ll experience new enemies, infernal devices and puzzles, and new weapons and ammo. The evil god Set is about to unleash his plague unto the earth due to Von Croy’s eagerness for removing the ancient amulet where he is now trapped… and who knows what else might happen!

The game features a new graphics engine with true, real time dynamic lighting, smoother frame rate, and more color and animation not seen in previous Tomb Raider titles. Weapons and tools like the revolver, crossbow, binoculars, and various types of ammo will help you in your thirst for adventure in these huge, cavernous levels. The ammunition for some weapons allow you to switch between multiple types of rounds.

New moves based on a real physics engine is included, like swinging from ropes, lighting torches, and kicking down doors. There’s also a revised inventory system allowing you to combine objects in a similar fashion to the Resident Evil series. And you’ll be assisting your “partners” such as the Egyptian tour guide who lights torches for you. He’ll need to get through some gates in order to pinpoint certain criteria that needs attention, like a switch or secret door. (more…)

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