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Oha Studio – Dance Dance Revolution, (SLPM-86603)

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Oha Studio – Dance Dance Revolution, (SLPM-86603)

Oha Studio – Dance Dance Revolution, (SLPM-86603)

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Oha Studio – Dance Dance Revolution is a Dance Dance Revolution game for the Sony PlayStation console. The game features songs from the Japanese children’s’ TV show Oha Studio. There is no arcade counterpart.

As previously mentioned, the game primarily consists of songs from Oha Suta, but the game also features several Konami Originals, such as “Cutie Chaser (Morning Mix)”, “Brilliant 2U”, “Keep On Movin'” and “Make a Jam!”.

The core game-play involves the player moving his or her feet to a set pattern, stepping in time to the general rhythm or beat of a song. Arrows are divided by 1/4 notes, 1/8 notes, and so on (with differing color schemes for each), up to about 1/32 notes. During normal game play, arrows scroll upwards from the bottom of the screen and pass over a set of stationary arrows near the top (referred to as the “guide arrows” or “receptors”, officially known as the Step Zone).

When the scrolling arrows overlap the stationary ones, the player must step on the corresponding arrows on the dance platform, and the player is given a judgement for their accuracy (Marvelous, Perfect, Great, Good, Almost (close miss), Boo (complete miss)). Longer green and yellow arrows referred to as “freeze arrows” must be held down for their entire length, either producing a “O.K.” if successful, or a “N.G.” (no good) if not. Dance Dance Revolution X contains songs with Shock Arrows, walls of arrows with lightning effects which must be avoided, which are scored in the same way as Freezes (O.K./N.G.). If they are stepped on, a N.G. is awarded, the life-bar decreases, and the steps become hidden for a short period of time. (more…)

Parappa the Rapper, (SCPS-18002)

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Parappa the Rapper, SCPS-18002

Parappa the Rapper, SCPS-18002 (Original)
Parappa the Rapper, SCPS-91070 (PlayStation the Best)
Parappa the Rapper, SCPS-91307 (PSOne Books)

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PaRappa the Rapper is an unusual rhythm game starring paper-thin characters with a carefree, upbeat attitude. Help a rapping pooch overcome life’s greatest challenges by mastering rhymes through careful button tapping.

Parappa-01cA horizontal meter is displayed along the screen’s top edge, with button icons scrolling from left to right. Tap the corresponding button at the right time, and you’ll continue the performance. The game includes six stages of offbeat songs, where you’ll encounter such diverse characters as a singing onion, chicken, moose, frog, and insect.

The ultimate goal is to impress the love of PaRappa’s life: a dainty daisy named Sunny Funny. As you perform each song, you’ll receive a rating based on how well you’ve followed the beat. Earn a “good” rating on all six songs and you’ll be able to replay each scene in an attempt to receive a “cool” rating.

A memory card is required to save your progress and high scores. Other options include song subtitles in five languages, a replay feature, and a practice stage. (more…)

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