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Ebisu Yoshikazu no Ooana Keiti, (SLPS-00366)

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Ebisu Yoshikazu no Ooana Keiti, (SLPS-00366)

Ebisu Yoshikazu no Ooana Keiti, (SLPS-00366)

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The Kyotei, literally “boat racing” and referred to as BOAT RACE, is a hydroplane racing event primary held in Japan. It is one of Japan’s four “Public Sports”, which are sports events where parimutuel betting is legal.

Kyotei was introduced in Japan in 1952. In April 2010, to promote the sport to a wide variety of people as well as internationally, the Kyotei Promotion Association began referring to the sport as BOAT RACE, and the organization itself has been renamed the BOAT RACE Promotion Association. Accordingly, all of Japan’s 24 kyotei courses now refer to themselves as BOAT RACE courses.

EbisuYoshikazunoOoanaKeiti-01dA Kyotei race is conducted on man-made lakes with a 600-meter circular boat course. Six boats race three laps around the course (1,800 meters). Races are generally over in about two minutes.

Kyotei employs the flying start system of beginning races. Once the boats receive the signal to leave the docks, a large clock situated at the start line begins a one-minute countdown until the race begins. Boats take starting positions at the top of the straightaway based on their practice run, and at approximately 10-15 seconds before the clock reaches zero, the boats race up towards the start line at full speed. Boats must cross this line within one second after the clock reaches zero. If a boat crosses the line too early – called a “Flying Start”, or crosses too late – called a “Late Start”, it is scratched from the race and bets on that boat are refunded.[2] The Japanese term for this exclusion is “return absence”. In a sense, the flying start system can be compared to the mobile start used in harness racing.

If a boat causes an infraction during the race or becomes disabled, the boat is immediately disqualified. Competitors must pass any disabled boats during the race to the inside or outside as designated by the referees – passing on the wrong side results in the competitor being disqualified. No refunds are given for disqualified boats, unless all boats are disqualified. (more…)

F1 Grand Prix 1996, Team Unei Simulation, (SLPS-00677)

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F1 Grand Prix 1996, Team Unei Simulation, SLPS-00677

F1 Grand Prix 1996, Team Unei Simulation, SLPS-00677 (Original)
F1 Grand Prix 1996, Team Unei Simulation, SLPM-86366 (SuperLite 1500 Series)

PlayStation Games – F



Formula One, also known as Formula 1 or F1 and referred to officially as the FIA Formula One World Championship, is the highest class of single seater auto racing sanctioned by the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). The “formula”, designated in the name, refers to a set of rules with which all participants’ cars must comply. The F1 season consists of a series of races, known as Grands Prix (from French, originally meaning grand prizes), held throughout the world on purpose-built circuits and public roads.

The results of each race are combined with a points system to determine two annual World Championships, one for the drivers and one for the constructors. The racing drivers, constructor teams, track officials, organizers, and circuits are required to be holders of valid Super Licenses, the highest class of racing license issued by the FIA.

F1GrandPrix1996-01bF1 grand Prix 1996 Team Unei Simulation puts the player in the role of a F1 team manager. The player can even choose the manager nationality. The player can choose the sponsor, talk with his team mechanics to design his own car (choosing all the car parts), hire the team drivers, test the F1 car before each race and after that compete in all the 1996 F1 grand prix and guide the team to the victory using your own strategy (but the player can’t drive the cars).

Manufacturer’s description:
F1 management simulation where you can experience authentic F1 team owner turned to the state-of-the-art. Let’s aim for the top owner pays attention to all aspects of contract negotiations with sponsors such as gasoline, engine driver of the machine design. Reflect faithfully recording and data up to 1996 from 1992, engine-driver team has appeared in all their real names.

Features: (more…)

Dakar 97, (SLPS-00634)

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Dakar 97, (SLPS-00634)

Dakar 97, (SLPS-00634)

PlayStation Games – D




The Dakar Rally (or simply “The Dakar”; formerly known as “The Paris Dakar” or “Paris to Dakar Rally” and now as “The Lisboa Dakar”) is an annual off-road race, organized by the Amaury Sport Organization. The race is open to both amateur and professional entries. Amateurs typically make up about eighty percent of the participants.

Dakar97-01cDespite its name it is an off-road endurance race, called a rally-raid rather than a conventional rally, the terrain the competitors traverse is much tougher and the vehicles used are true off-road vehicles rather than the modified sedans used in normal rallies. Most of the competitive special sections are off-road, crossing dunes, mud, camel grass, and rocks among other obstacles. The distances of each stage covered vary from several kilometers up to 800 to 900 kilometers (500–560 mi) per day.

The PlayStation game tries to show how difficult the Dakar Rally is, but the game is just a few stages and seems too short to get a real feel for the long grueling rally. Perhaps the Dakar really deserves a longer game. The game features different camera angles and 3d graphics.

Manufacturer’s description: (more…)

V-Rally 2 – Championship Edition, (SLPS-02516)

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V-Rally 2, SLPS-02516, Championship Edition

V-Rally 2, SLPS-02516 (Original) Championship Edition
V-Rally 2, SLPS-91467 (PSOne Books)

PlayStation Games – V



V-Rally 2 is a game based on the world of rally racing. Here precision-driving skill is most important. In each car there are two people, a driver and a navigator. There are 84 races to compete in with tracks all across the world. If that’s not enough for you, create your own tracks with the all-new Track Editor.

V-Rally 2 features 16 different cars, ranging from Toyota’s to Mitsubishi’s and everything in between.

vrally-02cIn the Arcade mode, four competitors compete in a race against the clock. The V-Rally Trophy mode consists of three different track groups (Euro Trophy, World Trophy, and Expert Trophy) and you must attempt to collect all of the shiny pieces of metal. Championship mode is where eight competitors battle to win the title of European Champion, World Champion, or Expert. Each driver faces the clock and then the top six drivers earn points. At the end of the final round, the racer with the most points wins the championship.

V-Rally 2 features four-player split-screen action, so you and your friends can have a blast trying to top each others times. Damage can also be done to your car, so watch out for some vengeance-seeking friends.

The game supports (more…)

V-Rally 1 – Championship Edition, (SLPS-01149)

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V-Rally 1, SLPS-01149, Championship Edition

V-Rally 1, SLPS-01149 (Original) Championship Edition
V-Rally 1, SLPS-91099 (Playstation the Best)
V-Rally 1, SLPS-91430 (PSOne Books)

PlayStation Games – V



V-Rally ’97 features 11 licensed rally vehicles and over 40 tracks with variable weather, terrain, and time of day. Freely adjust such parameters as suspension, gear ratios, and steering before competing in the following three play modes: Arcade, Championship, and Time Trial. Arcade has you advancing through multiple competitions grouped by difficulty, each consisting of four stages. Championship is an eight-race tournament that involves earning points for every top-three finish, while Time Trial lets you compete against the clock or another vehicle.

vrally-01bV-Rally also includes head-to-head racing via split-screen display, adjustable difficulty settings, and multiple camera views. A memory card is required to save progress and controller configurations.

Choose from 11 authentic rally vehicles for competition on over 40 tracks
Includes three play modes: Arcade, Championship, and Time Trial
Challenge a friend via split-screen display

Manufacturer’s description:
Official cars from 1997 WRC season.
Multi-player mode.
Varied weather and terrain conditions.
Real time 3D imaging and Dolby Surround Sound.
2 Tracks – the largest number ever.
Totally realistic rally road handling.
Real engine sound and radio communication with professional co-drivers.

Features: (more…)

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