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Egg, (SLPS-01121)

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Egg, SLPS-01121

Egg, SLPS-01121 (Original)
Egg, SLPM-86543 (Major Wave 1500 Series)

PlayStation Games – E



Egg is an strategy puzzle game in which the player has to maneuver an egg through mazes and obstacles with the end game being full development from embryonic type of life form to offspring.

The game play is about throwing the egg in different directions to create new parts of your town, and evolve it through more throwings.

Egg-01cThe game has 2 game modes:
– Mission: The player can choose between 4 different kinds of eggs.
– Vs Mode: Play against up to 3 human controlled players in 8 different worlds.

Manufacturer’s description:
But I’m a simple, profound, full games for light users.
Although not as flashy, get-length play instead.
Competition is hot doctor! Can be played simultaneously from one up to four people!
Mission mode, which is described with easy-to-understand system of egg, the fun!

Features: (more…)

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