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Senryaku Shogi (SLPS-00142)

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Senryaku Shogi (SLPS-00142)

Senryaku Shogi (SLPS-00142)

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Product Description: Senryaku Shogi is a nice presentation of the strategy board game of Shogi, often called Japanese chess. This game was published by Electronic Arts Victor, and released in Japan in 1995.

Game Highlights:
1. Learn various offensive strategies and tactics!
2. Select the best strategy every time!
3. Teaches you to improve your game at any level, from beginner to master!
4. Practice your game against the computerized strategies of real masters at 7 different difficulty levels!

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Technical Details:
Platform: PlayStation (PS1)
Genre: Board Game, Strategy, Shogi
Developer: Electronic Arts Co., Ltd.
MPN: SLPS-00142
Region: NTSC-J (Japan)
Language: Japanese
Release Date: November 17, 1995
Format: 1 CD Disc
Memory Card Blocks: 1
Players: 1-2 Players

Fade to Black, (SLPS-00812)

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Fade to Black, (SLPS-00812)

Fade to Black, (SLPS-00812)

PlayStation Games – F



Conrad may have thought he escaped from the alien Morphs, but he thought wrong. After fighting his way through their world the first time, in a game called Flashback, he went into a cryogenic sleep aboard his little space vessel. For 50 years he drifted aimlessly in space, waiting to be found. The good news is that Conrad was found and beamed up on an alien ship; the bad news is that the alien race that found him is none other than his enemy: the Morphs. Once again, he must escape from their hostile world and regain his freedom that he had fought so hard for.

FadeToBlack-01cFade To Black is a sequel to the 2D classic Flashback. It picks up 50 years after the latter did, and uses the same character. Where this sequel differs is that it features 3D graphics in a 3D world, allowing players to immerse themselves even more in Conrad’s struggle for freedom. The game features over 13 levels filled with intricate puzzles, sub-levels and missions, highly detailed textures and graphics, lots of items to interact with and a good amount of action.

# 13 levels
# A variety of sub-levels and challenging puzzles
# Detailed 3D rendered characters
# Simplified controls and game-play

Manufacturer’s description:
The sequel to Flashback The Quest for Identity
The year is 2190. As Conrad, the hero from Flashback The Quest for Identity, you awaken from a long cryogenic sleep only to find the aliens you thought you had defeated 50 years ago now threaten to enslave the human race.
Fifty years ago you thought you had them beat. Don’t be fooled again! (more…)

Championship Bass, (SLPS-02674)

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Championship Bass, (SLPS-02674)

Championship Bass, (SLPS-02674)

PlayStation Games – C



Experience the struggle to land a trophy bass from the comfort of your home with Championship Bass. The game gives you total access to six authentic lakes, where you are free to roam and fish anywhere in a true 3D world.

The fish in Championship Bass offer varied strike behavior, fight strategies, and responses to lures, from false attacks to short-strike lunges. Dozens of rod, reel, weight, lure, and color combinations are also available to customize the experience.

ChampionshipBass-01dThere are four ways to play Championship Bass. “Bass Challenge” features over 15 scenarios designed to test your skills. “Fishing Trip” offers free-form fishing with a choice of locations and lake conditions. “Tournament” has you competing against six rivals, while “Career” is a series of six tournaments leading to the Championship Bass Classic Tournament. Instead of underwater scenes depicting dirt and water, Championship Bass showcases detailed lakes filled with docks, trees, vegetation, and rocks.

Includes six 3D lakes
Features four play modes: Bass Challenge, Fishing Trip, Career, and Tournament
Customize rods, reels, lures, and more

Manufacturer’s description:
Dynamic split-screen camera puts the fish-fight right in your face! (more…)

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