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Chaos Control, (SLPS-00168)

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Chaos Control, (SLPS-00168)

Chaos Control, (SLPS-00168)

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The year is 2071, the aggressive Kesh Rhan aliens have already destroyed the human colonies on Mars and Pluto, and now plan to wipe out all humans from Earth as well. You play as Jessica Darkhill, lieutenant and most skilled pilot of the Orbital Defense Forces. The counter-attack you are about the launch is the last hope to save the Earth of chaos.

Chaos Control is a sci-fi themed rail shooter which puts the player inside the cockpit of a fighter ship. Although the spaceship flight is automated, the player may target freely using an on-screen reticule, timing their shots so that the fighter’s guns do not overheat. Targets across the game’s four levels include mech suits, other spaceships and virtual reality constructs, most of which will return fire in an effort to drain the player’s shields.

ChaosControl-01dThere are no bonuses or re-charge power-ups for these shields, and play must restart from the beginning of the level if the player’s ship is destroyed. Enemy positions are pre-determined and unchanging. This – in combination with fixed flight-paths – means that the player can seek to learn the game’s deployment pattern for each level, defeating them through trial and error.

Manufacturer’s description:
It’s the year 2071. Only one space fighter has the courage, composure and razor-sharp reflexes to eliminate the savage Kesh Rhan extraterrestrials…ace pilot Jessica Darkhill.

As Lieutenant Darkhill, your missions encompass heat-stopping battles in four (more…)

Starblade Alpha, (SLPS-00022)

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Starblade Alpha, (SLPS-00022)

Starblade Alpha, (SLPS-00022)

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One of the best on-rails shooters, Starblade Alpha may be short but the experience is well worth taking many times over!

Graphically, Starblade Alpha has been improved from its original arcade format. Originally, the game was completely flat shaded making for a rather bland experience. With the advent of the 3DO version and, with this, the PlayStation version, Namco has added texture maps to nearly everything in the game.

StarbladeAlpha-01fWhile this doesn’t make the game any longer or diverse, it does add 100 fold to the feel of the game and all of the texture maps are colorful, varied, and very fitting.
As you’d expect from an on-rails shooter, the control is simplistic requiring you to simply move a cursor around the screen and blast as many enemies as possible with your laser. Of course, there will be plenty to keep your eyes and hands busy with the hundreds of enemies this game will throw at you.

There are eight stages of on-rails action including your escape through a galactic battle between giant destroyers and fleets of smaller fighters. Soon enough you’ll find yourself buzzing down small tunnels, making nearly impossible 90 degree turns while blasting away at everything that moves. Plenty of stuff to see and destroy! (more…)

Pilot ni Narou!, (SLPS-01600)

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Pilot ni Narou!, SLPS-01600

Pilot ni Narou!, SLPS-01600 (Original)
Pilot ni Narou!, SLPS-91165 (PlayStation The Best)
Pilot ni Narou!, SLPS-91498 (PSOne Books)

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Pilot ni Narou! is the name given to a secret competition held each year between the world’s most highly trained pilots. The game originated during the Gulf War when many pilots confirmed they suffered from stress and nervous energy during the periods they were not operational. These pilots discussed ways to overcome their problem and devised a set of rules for a world competition that would relieve their stress.

PilotNiNarou-01dThe solution was an international athletic pageant, a simulated air battle under strict rules and guidelines. Teams consisting of four members of both mechanics and pilots travel through eight different countries each year, to fight air battles and compete for an overall total score.

Pilot ni Narou! puts you in the cockpit of these teams, for head-to-head dog-fighting action against some of the world’s most sophisticated fighter planes including the Spitfire MK1, Mirage III, Focker DR1, F/A-18A Hornet, Saab Draken and A10 Thunder Bolt. Four different types of gameplay will challenge the most educated flight sim addicted, from the arcade style “Free Game Mode” to the in-depth perils of “Versus Mode”.

Battle against each team in breathtaking backgrounds and landscapes with locations from the United States to the freezing Antarctic.

Offering much more than quick fire flight sims, Pilot ni Narou! demands strict game player disciplines where teamwork and careful planning are the order. Individual heroics will no longer be enough for victory, players must take into consideration the safety of their crew members, budgeting their winnings for fighter upgrades and clever tactics to survive in this Brave New World. (more…)

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