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Carousel (Kaiten Mokuba), by OOYA Chiki

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Carousel (Kaiten Mokuba), by OOYA Chiki

Carousel (Kaiten Mokuba), by OOYA Chiki

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A rare classic from 1975 (with several small modern reprints), complete with some of the most amazing artwork we’ve ever seen. The story is centered around an angsty, melodramatic, way, way, over-the-top love triangle.

The main character is a boy named Guy. His mother is dead and he has no father to speak of, so he’s been taken in by the family of another little boy, Simon. The two of them are just like brothers and do everything together, until a third character is thrown into the mix! Her name is Muriel, and both boys fall in love with her instantly. She is intended to be Simon’s future fiancee, but both boys are completely infatuated with her. As Guy falls more and more in love with Muriel, Simon becomes more jealous of him and more protective of Muriel. Guy agonizes over the fact that he is in love with a girl he knows he can never have. At the same time, it’s not completely clear which of the two boys Muriel actually favors.

There’s a bunch of delightfully mixed-up family secrets that come to light as the story progresses. It’s hard to give a review without giving away much of the story. Be prepared for a punch in the gut during the last few pages (But DON’T peek too early!)

Genre(s): Classic (1975), Drama, Historical, Shoujo, Slice of Life



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