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Oh! Bakyuuun, (SLPS-02680)

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Oh! Bakyuuun, (SLPS-02680)

Oh! Bakyuuun, (SLPS-02680)

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Oh! Bakyuuun (Known as Ghoul Panic in the export version) is a comedy adventure game, set in a haunted mansion. Using a PlayStation GunCon light-gun, take on the might of vampires, monsters, mummies, skeletons and spooks to open the locked doors and uncover hidden bonuses.

A conversion of the arcade game from 1999, with 3 difficulties and hidden game modes. There are also PlayStation exclusive game modes, including Survival, Adventure and Remix.

OhBakyuuun-01cWhat secrets lie in the HAUNTED HOUSE!!! I don’t scare easily, but I got to be honest, you wouldn’t catch me going anywhere near that old deserted house on the hill. I’m telling ya, you’d have to be mad to go there.

All the towns folk know the stories, the old legends of the crazy old witch who turns strangers into cats to add to her collection…. And the ghosts that haunt the corridors… and the mad scientist making monsters out of who knows what. It’s enough to turn your hair white with fear! But listen to me. If you are determined to go and explore up there, you’d better be armed.

Loads of holy water should do the trick. Oh, and don’t go in alon–take a friend who knows what they are facing. Even better, up to eight of you can go in guns a-blazing and have a real Ghost-busting party!

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PlayStation GunCon Controller

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PlayStation GunCon Controller

PlayStation GunCon Controller

PlayStation Systems and Accessories

The PlayStation GunCon Controller (also known as the G-Con in Europe) is a family of gun peripherals designed by Namco for the PlayStation consoles. The original controllers used traditional light gun technology, while newer controllers use LED tracking technology.

Basically the GunCon 1 is designed for the PS1, the GunCon 2 for PS2, and GunCon 3 for the PS3. (Although there is ‘some‘ compatibility between models, it is best to get the right gun for your machine)

The GunCon series of light-guns replaced the earlier “Justifier/HyperBlaster” guns which supported a limited list of games (but we also offer the Justifier/HyperBlaster to play the other games!)

Below is a list of supported games and the required controller:

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