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Kaibutsu Para-Dice – Monster Paradise, (SLPS-00915)

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Kaibutsu Para-Dice – Monster Paradise, (SLPS-00915)

Kaibutsu Para-Dice – Monster Paradise, (SLPS-00915)

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Kaibutsu Para-Dice – Monster Paradise put the player in the role of a treasure hunter that goes to Charles the Pudding the 13th (also known as the Monster Paradise for the monsters that guard them) and try to get the treasure that are inside it.

The game play is the classic board game with 4 different characters to choose from (3 male and one female one).

Charles the Pudding the 13th enjoyed great success in California’s 19th century gold rush, but when he was returning to Great Britian, his ship wrecked and the fabulous treasure that he carried was lost. Charles died in 1852, and people said that a lot of treasure remained hidden in his mansion. Over 150 years have passed since he died. Although a great number of hunters had tried to find the treasure , no one been able to find the hidden riches so far. Can You?

The spirit of Charles is waiting for a great adventurer like himself to recover his wealth, but he also was an evil man, so he also put monsters inside the mansion to guard and protect his treasures.

Are you ready and able to defeat the monsters and grab the treasure for yourself?

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PlayStation Link Cables

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PlayStation Link Cables

PlayStation Link Cables

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The PlayStation Link Cable (SCPH-1040) is a peripheral cable for the PlayStation console.  Using the serial I/O port found on the back of most PlayStation models, it allows two consoles to be connected in order to play multi-player games on separate consoles.Think of it as a two system LAN (Local Area Network).

The main advantage to using the cable is that a split-screen wouldn’t be necessary for multi-player games. This increases each player’s screen size and potentially increases game performance (as only one view has to be rendered per console). Another advantage is that the players can hide their screens, which can’t be done when playing on a split-screen!

The cable is a 12-pin inline serial cable that plugs directly into the back of the PlayStation console and was a fully supported Sony accessory for the market life of the console. Because it was designed for original PlayStation models, it may not be compatible with the redesigned slim PSone or PlayStation’s newer successors (PS-2,3,4).

The use of this cable requires two PlayStation consoles, two monitors, and two copies of the game being played (with the exception of Armored Core Master of Arena, C&C Red Alert and C&C Retaliation, which required only one copy since the games already include two discs).

List of Games known to be compatible with the PlayStation Link Cable:


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