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Aerodive, (SLPS-02367)

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Aerodive, (SLPS-02367)

Aerodive, (SLPS-02367)

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Get a grip on the most exciting formation skydiving game anywhere! Aerodive (also called Skydiving Extreme in the export version) is a heart-pounding, free-fall competition where your four-person team executes increasingly complex formations against the world’s best jumpers. Do you have what it takes to earn the rank of “Best in the World!”

Take on acrobatic human- and computer-controlled skydive teams in visually stunning locations across the globe!
Unlock secret teams and hidden drop zones by completing the most challenging classes in Tournament Mode!
Three action-packed modes of play, including 2 Player Mode!

Compete against rival skydiving teams
Execute daring formations with your four-man team
Unlock new teams and drop zones by winning tournament events

Manufacturer’s description: This Natsume entry into the realm of extreme sports gaming puts the player in charge of a squad of highly-trained synchronized skydivers. As in reality, there is a short period between the time the diver leaves the plane and has to open his chute and the game’s challenge comes in aligning the free-falling team members to form impressive formations before the time limit expires.

Players can lead their team in competition against a string of computer-controlled international contenders, or go head-to-head against a friend. Each squad can perform over 40 different formations and a practice mode allows the player to perfect his skills without the time limit.

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