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Kagero – Kokumeikan Shinshou, (SLPS-01421)

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Kagero – Kokumeikan Shinshou, SLPS-01421

Kagero – Kokumeikan Shinshou, SLPS-01421 (Original)
Kagero – Kokumeikan Shinshou, SLPS-91148 (Playstation the Best)
Kagero – Kokumeikan Shinshou, SLPS-91405 (PSOne Books)

PlayStation Games – K



Enter a world where humans and creatures called Timenoids coexist. These blue-skinned Timenoids are determined to wipe out the inferior human race, and this is where you come in. You play the role of Millennia, a young woman who was brainwashed at an early age to do the Timenoids’ bidding. She now believes that the humans must be exterminated from the world, which is rather ironic, since she is human herself. Yet if she succeeds, the Timenoids have promised her immortality and the power to become one of their own…

KageroKokumeikanShinshou-01dIn this sequel to Tecmo’s Deception, you are once again placed inside a castle to lure invaders into various traps. The game differs from the original in several ways, however. The view is no longer first-person, so you can see your character at all times. Multiple traps can also be triggered at once (up to three), forming even deadlier combinations than the original. In addition, the vibration mode is supported on the Dual Shock Analog Controller to provide feedback on each gruesome death. Prepare for a non-linear journey as the decisions you make during the game affect the type of ending you’ll receive. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll remember your past…

Manufacturer’s description:
The Sequel to the Award-Winning Tecmo’s Deception.

Through the brutal use of brainwashing, (more…)

Ehrgeiz, (SLPS-01750)

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Ehrgeiz, SLPS-01750

Ehrgeiz, SLPS-01750 (Original)
Ehrgeiz, SLPS-91448 (PSOne Books)
Ehrgeiz, SLPS-02770 (Square Millennium Collection)

PlayStation Games – E



An ancient weapon of unknown origin was found in a German castle some fifty years ago. Since it was obviously something of value, it was decided that it would be awarded to the best fighter in the world. After all, who would appreciate a weapon more than an experienced fighter? Eleven of the world’s finest combatants (including Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart and Vincent Valentine) have set out to claim this prize.

The mysterious artifact came to be known as Ehrgeiz, and the tournament that was built around it took on the very same name. Now rumors suggest that the door to a long-forgotten land can be unlocked with this weapon; a land that could reveal the secret of immortality. The tournament has taken on a whole new meaning!

Ehrgeiz-01eEhrgeiz is a 3D fighting game that takes place within elevated environments. As in most fighting titles, players seek to wear down their opponent’s life meter before time runs out, all while protecting their own character from harm. A series of ten fights comprise the tournament, with each fight requiring two victories in order to progress.

Moves consist of high, mid and low attacks, guarding by standing in front of the opponent, special attacks in the form of projectiles, and interrupts, which counter incoming special attacks. Characters can also run, crouch, jump, roll on the ground, perform throws and evade attacks by spinning their bodies.

Three modes of play include Arcade (fight all of the characters in succession until you defeat the final boss character), Versus (choose the stage, set the handicap and challenge a friend) and Practice (characters have unlimited time and health). Yet the game also includes several extras to separate it from other fighting titles. These include the following four mini-games: Infinity Battle, Battle Runner, Battle Beach and Battle Panel.

Infinity Battle is similar to a survival mode in that you must defeat as many computer opponents as you can before your life meter runs out. Battle Runner is a racing game that has players running around trying to finish a course before their opponent. Of course, combat is encouraged and successful attacks will help characters run faster! (more…)

Echo Night 2, Nemuri no Shihaisha, (SLPS-02167)

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Echo Night 2, Nemuri no Shihaisha, SLPS-02167

Echo Night 2, Nemuri no Shihaisha, SLPS-02167 (Original)
Echo Night 2, Nemuri no Shihaisha, SLPS-91425 (PSOne Books)

PlayStation Games – E



Echo Night 2 – Nemuri no Shihaisha is a sequel to the first Echo Night game. The game series continues even further on the PlayStation 2 with Echo Night Beyond.

The story begins when Rebeca Morgan, the girlfriend of the main protagonist (Richard Osmond), disappears mysteriously. During his search, Richard arrives to a library and discovers inside of a book the image of woman called Cristina Collins, died long ago. The peculiar thing is, despite her old clothes and hair style, the woman is identical to her missing girlfriend.

EchoNight-02bAfter to collect some clues, he arrives to a beautiful mansion. He will soon discover this mansion is inhabited by spirits. He must help them to find peace and discover during his quest the secrets this bewitched mansion hide. Secrets that will help him to find out the reason of the disappearance of his girlfriend, which strangely is related to the mansion and its inhabitants.

Echo Night 2 plays exactly the same as its predecessor; you search the grounds for items by setting ghosts free, solve puzzles and fight ghosts as you get deeper in the mystery.

Manufacturer’s description: (more…)

Echo Night, (SLPS-01518)

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Echo Night, SLPS-01518

Echo Night, SLPS-01518 (Original)
Echo Night, SLPS-91143 (PlayStation the Best)
Echo Night, SLPS-91403 (PSOne Books)

PlayStation Games – E



Richard Osmond came home one night to find a small key sitting on his coffee table and the telephone ringing off the hook. He answered the phone and was greeted with some bad news — his father’s home had caught on fire and the old man was missing. Accompanied by a policeman, Richard returned to the house to investigate and find any clues he could of his father’s disappearance or the fire.

As he was sifting through the ashes and debris, he came across an old key for the grandfather clock. He inserted the key into the clock and opened up a secret passage. Startled, he entered the passage only to find a large red book telling of the Rockwell dynasty. The family, as well as 45 other people, had vanished one year ago aboard the luxury boat Orpheus.

EchoNight-01bThe story then tells of two talisman stones — one blue and one red. It is fabled that a certain figure lusted for their power and with the stones, he could fulfill his wildest dreams and fantasies. Anyone with the stones has supreme power and is granted immortality and the ability to do whatever they’d like. Those with a heart will destroy them.

As Richard, you are then thrown into the past and aboard the still missing ship. You soon find out that everyone you encounter is a lost soul — a ghostly figure who never got the opportunity to make amends with loved ones or failed in the course of duty. In addition to finding your father, you vow to help the people who lost their lives aboard the ship by fulfilling their last wishes or regrets. If you do, they can finally rest in peace.

Echo Night is a first-person adventure game from the makers of King’s Field. As you journey around the ship, you come across items that are needed to unlock a specific part of the ship or solve puzzles. These puzzles usually include giving a certain item to a ghost, which then opens up a flashback scenario. (more…)

20 Seiki Striker Retsuden, (SLPS-02348)

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20 Seiki Striker Retsuden, SLPS-02348

20 Seiki Striker Retsuden, SLPS-02348 (Original)
20 Seiki Striker Retsuden, SLPS-02857 (Reprint)
20 Seiki Striker Retsuden, SLPS-91416 (PSOne Books)

PlayStation Games – #



20 Seiki Striker Retsuden (20th Century’s Strikers)(AKA Viva Football in export version) by Virgin Interactive contains over 1,000 teams from the past World Cups. You can play as or against any of these teams, allowing you to create historical match-ups that can be relived in the comfort of your own home.

Whether you play alone against the computer or with up to three of your friends, you have access to over 16,000 real players, all with their own characteristics, changing the way that they play the game; it’s your choice, and your choice alone. You can choose from Friendly, History or Training modes. In all of these modes you have full control over your team. Kick, block, tackle, clear, head, volley, redirect, chip or pass just like your player’s real-life counterparts do.

20SeikiStrikerRetsuden-01bThe Friendly mode is the American equivalent of an exhibition game. You have the choice of any country’s World Cup qualifying squad since 1958. Choose from five, 10 or 15-minute games, and play your heart out.

The Training mode lets you practice different aspects of the game. Every move is available to you and you can practice until you feel that you’re ready to play in one of the more challenging modes, like History.

In the History mode you select any World Cup tournament and team between 1958 and 1998. Choose from any worldwide Confederation, and begin. The tournament puts you into different brackets and you must come out on top to continue on. Becoming champion is no easy feat however, as you must beat the real champion to do it.

Other modes include: PlayerChat, where you can invoke players to spot darting runs made by teammates; Celebration mode allows you to celebrate your goals in style; and there’s even an Instant Replay mode. (more…)

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