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Senryaku Shogi (SLPS-00142)

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Senryaku Shogi (SLPS-00142)

Senryaku Shogi (SLPS-00142)

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Product Description: Senryaku Shogi is a nice presentation of the strategy board game of Shogi, often called Japanese chess. This game was published by Electronic Arts Victor, and released in Japan in 1995.

Game Highlights:
1. Learn various offensive strategies and tactics!
2. Select the best strategy every time!
3. Teaches you to improve your game at any level, from beginner to master!
4. Practice your game against the computerized strategies of real masters at 7 different difficulty levels!

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Technical Details:
Platform: PlayStation (PS1)
Genre: Board Game, Strategy, Shogi
Developer: Electronic Arts Co., Ltd.
MPN: SLPS-00142
Region: NTSC-J (Japan)
Language: Japanese
Release Date: November 17, 1995
Format: 1 CD Disc
Memory Card Blocks: 1
Players: 1-2 Players

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