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Captain Commando, (SLPS-01567)

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Captain Commando, (SLPS-01567)

Captain Commando, (SLPS-01567)

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In Captain Commando, you can play as one of four heroes. Captain Commando is the leader of the superhero team surprisingly called Commando, Ginzu the Ninja is the stealthy magic wielding member, and Mack the Knife — or Mummy Commando — uses his powers of the undead to fight evil. To round out the team, Baby Head is a two-year-old genius who operates a super robotic bad-guy-fighting-machine.

It is a beat ’em up set in Metro City (the same city as Final Fight) in the year 2026.
Gameplay revolves around visiting various parts of the city and fending off waves upon waves of criminals in the traditional Capcom 2D fighting style.

CaptainCommando-01fThis PlayStation game is a conversion of an arcade game produced by Capcom in 1991, featuring the character of the same name. It seems to have retained the English language in the conversion, making it attractive in the export market. It was released in small quantities, and is a little expensive today, but not too difficult to find!

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70’s Robot Anime – Geppy-X – The Super Boosted Armor, (SLPS-01995-8)

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70’s Robot Anime – Geppy-X – The Super Boosted Armor, (SLPS-01995-8)

70’s Robot Anime – Geppy-X – The Super Boosted Armor, (SLPS-01995-8)

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70’s Robot Anime – Geppy-X – The Super Boosted Armor is a side scrolling shooter game released in 1999 by Aroma for Sony PlayStation console consist of 4 CD-ROMs, and don’t published in US.

This game seems to be a parody from one of most famous and legendary Super Robot anime created by Nagai Go in the decade of 70’s. Anyway, if you’re looking for an Individual Getta Robo game, Geppy X is a shooter that looks like a cross between R-Type and the Capcom Classic Section Z with colorful sprite and polygonal based characters and enemies.

70sRobotAnimeGeppy-X-01cThe player controls 6 different robots dependent on the scenario. Each one has a main weapon which can be charged up and made more powerful, a secondary weapon which is more of an assist weapon, and each robot is capable of a super attack when you power gauge fills up.

Is the year 1970s on earth, and suddenly the devil space empire Beelzebub beast space corps led by Bin Day began their invasion.

The invasion was predicted by a space robot laboratory called Wu, and he was secretly building Super Robot called “Yuck PX” that is piloted by a human called Hazime Kei (17 years old) that is the leader of the red squadron.

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Rayman, (SLPS-00026)

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Rayman, (SLPS-00026)

Rayman, (SLPS-00026)

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Rayman is a side-scrolling platform game starring a whimsical character with fists instead of arms and feet instead of legs. Rayman embarks on strange quest to save the Great Protoon and his tiny followers from the evil Mister Dark. Since the land relies on the Great Protoon to maintain balance and harmony, the planet is now in chaos. Guide Rayman across 70 cartoon-like levels while facing over 50 bizarre baddies trying to put the limbless hero out of commission.

Rayman-01cAlong the way, you must attempt to free singing creatures called Electoons from their cages. Don’t expect a walk in the park, however. The enemies have been designed to learn your playing style in order to defeat you. Acquire new moves and abilities as you progress through the world, and return to earlier levels to find hidden secrets. Rayman offers CD-quality sound effects and music, vibrant vistas featuring 65,000 colors, and four layers of independently scrolling backdrops. A memory card with two blocks of free space is required to save progress.

* Help Rayman rescue the Electoons
* Includes 70 levels and more than 50 characters
* Graphics feature 65,000 colors and independently scrolling backgrounds

Embark on a strange quest to save a world’s Great Protoon and rescue little Electroons from imprisonment. You see, the world of Rayman relies on the Great Protoon to maintain balance and harmony for every living creature.

The problem is that the evil Mister Dark has decided to capture him (it?) to throw the planet into chaos. This is where you come in! Guide Rayman through 70 cartoon-like, side-scrolling levels facing over fifty bizarre characters trying to put you out of commission. (more…)

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