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A IV Evolution, (SLPS-00004)

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A IV Evolution, SLPS-00004

A IV Evolution, SLPS-00004 (Original)
A IV Evolution, SLPS-00011 (Commemorative Limited Set)

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A IV Evolution (A RESSHA DE IKOU 4 in Japanese) (Also called “A-Train” in the export version) puts the player in the role as the head of a major transport company it is the player’s goal to build up an efficient train and bus system.

The player is also free to buy and sell land, build housings and try to make money on the stocks market. The game also features a spectator mode, in which players can enter one of your trains and enjoy the ride in a 3D perspective.

AIVEvolution-01dA IV Evolution is a series of train simulation video games, originally developed and published by Japanese game developer Artdink in Japan. The first game in the series was published in 1985. The first release in the United States was Take the A-Train II, published in 1988 by the Seika Corporation under the title Railroad Empire. However, the most well known U.S. release is Take the A-Train III, published in 1992 by Maxis as simply A-Train.

Released in December 1993 for the NEC PC-9801, FM Towns Marty, Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. It was later re-released on March 17, 2000 for Windows 95 and 98 under the title A-Train 4 15th ANNIVERSARY, and again on March 26, 2004 under the name A-Train 4 XP, this time including support for Windows 2000 and XP. Related versions include the Japan-only release A IV EVOLUTION released in December 1994 for the PS1 and A IV EVOLUTION GLOBAL, released in December 1995 outside Japan, also for the PS1, and re-released in January 2007 for the PSP and PS3.

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