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Loose Socks for Japanese School Uniforms!

Passing-Fancy July 22, 2017 2 Comments CosPlay Corner , , , , ,

Japanese Loose socks (ルーズソックス)

Loose Socks for Japanese School Uniforms!

Loose Socks for Japanese School Uniforms!

Loose socks (ルーズソックス rūzu sokkusu) are a style of baggy sock worn by Japanese high school girls, as part of kogal culture. This style of socks has also become very popular among foreign teens and college students who are fans of Japanese anime and manga. Our socks are super scrunchie and designed to be worn pushed down around the ankles. If you don’t see the size, color, or style you want, please ask!

What do you think of our popular Loose Socks? These are direct from Authentic Uniform sales outlets here in Japan, and are worn daily by students here in Tokyo. These are not fake costumes or hong kong knock-offs. We originally offered them for Japanese students overseas. They have also become popular with Cosplay and Lolita fans.

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