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Ehrgeiz, (SLPS-01750)

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Ehrgeiz, SLPS-01750

Ehrgeiz, SLPS-01750 (Original)
Ehrgeiz, SLPS-91448 (PSOne Books)
Ehrgeiz, SLPS-02770 (Square Millennium Collection)

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An ancient weapon of unknown origin was found in a German castle some fifty years ago. Since it was obviously something of value, it was decided that it would be awarded to the best fighter in the world. After all, who would appreciate a weapon more than an experienced fighter? Eleven of the world’s finest combatants (including Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart and Vincent Valentine) have set out to claim this prize.

The mysterious artifact came to be known as Ehrgeiz, and the tournament that was built around it took on the very same name. Now rumors suggest that the door to a long-forgotten land can be unlocked with this weapon; a land that could reveal the secret of immortality. The tournament has taken on a whole new meaning!

Ehrgeiz-01eEhrgeiz is a 3D fighting game that takes place within elevated environments. As in most fighting titles, players seek to wear down their opponent’s life meter before time runs out, all while protecting their own character from harm. A series of ten fights comprise the tournament, with each fight requiring two victories in order to progress.

Moves consist of high, mid and low attacks, guarding by standing in front of the opponent, special attacks in the form of projectiles, and interrupts, which counter incoming special attacks. Characters can also run, crouch, jump, roll on the ground, perform throws and evade attacks by spinning their bodies.

Three modes of play include Arcade (fight all of the characters in succession until you defeat the final boss character), Versus (choose the stage, set the handicap and challenge a friend) and Practice (characters have unlimited time and health). Yet the game also includes several extras to separate it from other fighting titles. These include the following four mini-games: Infinity Battle, Battle Runner, Battle Beach and Battle Panel.

Infinity Battle is similar to a survival mode in that you must defeat as many computer opponents as you can before your life meter runs out. Battle Runner is a racing game that has players running around trying to finish a course before their opponent. Of course, combat is encouraged and successful attacks will help characters run faster! (more…)

Parasite Eve 2, (SLPS-02480-1)

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Parasite Eve 2, (SLPS-02480-1)

Parasite Eve 2, SLPS-02480-1 (Original)
Parasite Eve 2, SLPS-91479-80 (PSOne Books)
Parasite Eve 2, SLPS-02779-80 (Square Millennium Collection)

PlayStation Games – P



With a goal of fusing tension and drama found in movies with the game mechanics of the role-playing genre, the original Parasite Eve was Square’s first attempt at creating a cinematic RPG; it was a commercial success, selling loads of copies to role-playing and survival horror fanatics. Because of the acclaim, the powerhouse development company did the only thing possible — a sequel.

ParasiteEve-02cBefore detailing the follow-up, here’s some background: the plot of the original game dealt with Eve, a woman transformed into a killing machine by a life form known as mitochondria. The infected woman/monster went on a bloody rampage through New York City, destroying anything and everyone in her path. Assuming the role of a young police officer named Aya Brea, it was in the players’ hands to solve the murder case and thwart the vile creature; the awaking of her mitochondria gave her the clues and prowess to stop the madness of Eve.

A few years have passed since the occurrences in New York. Aya Brea has joined the Federal Bureau of Investigations’ Mitochondria Investigation and Suppression Team (M.I.S.T for short). After a series of strange incidents, the heroine is called into action and ordered to investigate the unfolding mystery once again. Human beings have begun transforming into hideous monsters known as Neo Mitochondrion Creatures; it is suspected that Eve is behind these bizarre events. (more…)

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